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How do you explain someone who can change your life with a few exercises? I was introduced to Leo through a great friend as I was having some serious hip issues. I was suffering with pain, inability to sleep and conduct everyday chores. In just a few weeks this started to change. In a couple of months I was pain free and remain pain free to this day. Leo is a kind, gentle and a compassionate leader, who will work with you to ensure your mind, body and soul are all aligned.

Debbie Davis, Group & Private Yoga, Reiki


I have been working with Leo for 10+ years. She is the first person I call if I have pain. She works magic with gentle stretching, customized to my age, and has alleviated back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and foot pain. My flexibility and strength have also greatly improved. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lynne Waugh, Private Yoga


Leo has worked with my husband and me for over 10 years. We started doing yoga in our late 50’s, and through the years she has wisely adjusted our routines to accommodate our age and abilities. She intuits when we should be working hard or when we need more restorative work. She has healed us through difficult times masterfully! She knows her stuff!!

Nancy Harris, Private Yoga


Leo, it has been such a joy to take your morning online yoga classes! While I was away travelling it felt like I was lovingly connected to home by being with you in practice. Your playfulness makes me giggle throughout the class. You gear the class to many different levels which is always helpful. You offer great bite sized pieces of knowledge. Thank you for the YOU that you bring to yoga!

Ayrlie MacEachern, Group Yoga


I have been taking therapeutic yoga classes with Leo for almost 10 years now. I cannot recommend Leo’s classes strongly enough. Leo is an extremely gifted teacher, classes are varied and fun all the time, with a high degree of individualized attention to meet each student’s specific needs. I guarantee you will love these classes and wonder how you ever lived without Leo!

Judith Arbus, Group Yoga

Village Yoga has been a part of my life since my cardiac arrest in 2008 when Leo “crafted“ a program for me to get my strength back and learn to manage my stress related to this incident. Every health situation is different but Leo has a great way of building into each therapeutic yoga session something that reaches all; and for me it is why I continue.  Leo went remote during Covid and relocated but did not miss a beat as far as I’m concerned. She has several in the class but somehow makes it personal. Her style is great. Would recommend her energy and process. 

Ray Mowling, Group & Private Yoga


I have been working with Leo for 16 years and she has kept me pain free for all of these years! She not only has a deep understanding of the human body, but she is a true healer. She helps me press the reset button weekly, helps realign my body, cleanses my energy and lifts me up soulfully and spiritually! 

Anne Hepfer, Private Yoga, Reiki

I was delighted to join Leo's online yoga class during the pandemic - it's a great way to start your day, and I'm convinced that it has kept me pain-free ever since! Her wonderful personality shines throughout her classes, with lots of wit, empathy and compassion. Her many years of experience as a yoga teacher are evident, as is her expertise in other healing modalities, such as pilates, which she weaves seamlessly into her classes - a wonderful change from yoga classes that follow a script and don't seem to change very much. What I like the most, beyond her ability to lull everyone into a deep shivasana at the end of class, is how she checks in with her clients before each class, and custom tailors every class to help us overcome whatever pain or discomfort we are navigating that day. She is truly one of a kind, and I'm hooked!

Rufus Glassco, Group Yoga


For 20 years Leo has kept me comfortable in my body, but during Covid she also kept me sane!

Joyce Harris, Group Yoga

I am a student in Leo’s therapeutic class at Village Yoga. Leo has taught me to cultivate strength, balance and resilience both inside and out. She respects and honours  each student as we learn to explore and understand our body’s needs. At the end of our practice I feel energized, happy and peaceful…ready to enjoy the day.

Anita Gertin, Group Yoga


Leo's yoga classes are a life saver! Therapeutic, gentle, very well guided and personalized, too. Her knowledge is boundless, delivered with a smile, humour and she's down to earth. Every time I finish a class, I feel so much better.

Grace Paulionis, Group & Private Yoga

My husband and I worked with Leo in our home for a number of years, including during my pregnancy and post-partum period.  Leo's insight and experience was so valuable in crafting a thoughtful and customized practice for me, which was gentle and focused on what my body was moving through, while at the same time guiding my husband through an advanced practice that offered him the challenge he was looking for. Having Leo in our home was such a joy.  Her energy flows straight to her clients, her teaching style is encouraging and is rooted in deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  We both progressed greatly in our yoga practice as a result of the time Leo spent with us.  She is amazing!

Lori Sugarman-Li, Private Yoga

It has been my pleasure to have had Leo as a coach, friend, cheerleader for 8+ years. There is no question Leo is the best yoga teacher one could desire. Not only is she an expert professional who constantly refreshes her practise with deep investigation and research into the latest updates for yoga practitioners, she is also a deeply caring person. As a result, all of those who come under her mentorship gain. Leo takes the time to know each of her clients so each can benefit as they age, have new physical challenges and/or life stresses. Anyone who joins a class or has the opportunity for a private session, will always wish to remain under her guidance and in her circle of real care.

Adele Robertson, Group Yoga

Leo, I have to tell you that for the first time in years I don't have lower back pain!!! Even after doing a full shift of treatments today and yesterday!!! Thanks again for taking the time to show me those exercises, they have helped me so much!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Leisa Peacock, Private Yoga

Leo's approach to yoga is one of profound simplicity and nurturing gentleness. She encourages the yogi to meet herself where she is in the moment, in the breath. The practice she fosters is a powerful testament to the ways in which small or incremental adjustments can lead both to beneficial release and strengthening.

Andrea Mozarowski, Group Yoga

“Leo came to DSF’s offices to teach ‘Yoga for Computer Users’.  The yoga session was great!  Leo taught us stretches to reduce strain and increase energy.  DSF is a healthier workplace because of it.  Thanks Leo!”

Meghan Ferguson, Devry Smith Frank LLP, Corporate Yoga

Village Yoga is probably one of the best things that I have done for myself. I do 3 therapeutic classes a week and try not to miss.  Leo has truly changed my life. I look forward to her classes because I know at the end of the hour with her knowledge, spirit and even humour, I can face the day both in mind and body.

Evelyn Young, Group Yoga

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